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Pine Forest, Tibradden, Rathfarnham, Dublin


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Zipit Tibradden is nestled on a sloping site in the beautiful pine forest in the Dublin Mountains.

Zipit Tibradden is only on a 15 minutes drive from Dundrum Town Centre.  There are walking trails that offer a panoramic views of Dublin Bay and Howth.  Our cabin offers hot and cold drinks chocolate and snacks.  There is no charge for parking.

Zipit is a high wire forest adventure park with a difference. A place for young and old, where children can let their imagination run wild and where adults can embrace their inner child. You can climb high into the treetops, swing into cargo nets, even ride a bmx across a bridge, before zipping down one of our many ziplines. Come as a family, come on your own, or bring along a group. Children from age 7 to adults can enjoy up to 3 hours of excitement and adventure.


Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie or just looking to try something different, ZIPIT offers a unique outdoor experience for everyone to enjoy. Forget the day to day stuff. Put down your smartphone. Escape the office. Get back to nature and let yourself go!

Online Prices

Age 7 – 8 Years - €15.00 Age 9 – 11 Years - €25.00 Age 12 - 14 Years - €30.00 Age 15+ Years - €35.00

Higher rates on arrival if not pre-booked and availability is not guaranteed.

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Remember, daylight restrictions means last initiation depends on time of the year. Check website for availability. 

Be an early bird and avoid the crowds! Harnesses are limited, so we recommend pre-booking on-line to ensure your time on the circuits.

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Latitude: 53.2453364

Longitude: -6.2903946