St Peters Church

Fair Street, Drogheda, Louth

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The Memorial Church which is neo-Gothic in style measures 161 feet in its extreme length the width across the aisles 65 feet and 101 feet across the transepts. The height to the pex of the nave roof is 80 feet and 222 feet to the vane of the spire.

The walls and exterior dressings are of local limestone from the nearby quarries of Sheephouse, whose renowned stone-cutters took pride of place in the procession, to the ceremony of laying the foundation stone.

True to its Gothic design the Church is complete with aisles, trancepts, side chapels, two external porches, baptistry and organ gallery.

Outside it is crowned by a beautiful and highly ornate tower and spire 222 feet high at he south western corner, with lesser towers, pinnacles and statues which serve to harmonise and enrich the general effect.

The principal statues are of St. Peter and of St. Oliver Plunkett, the latter carved in Portland stone by a Dublin sculptor from a portrait in oils of the Saint, painted shortly before his execution.  There are three entrances from the front and flanking the central entrance are two marble statues, St. Jospeh on the right  and the Blessed Virgin on the left. Immediately over the front entrance again is a finely sculpted panel depicting Christ giving the keys to St. Peter.

Above the main door is a large and exquisitely designed rose window, and two similar ones, said to have been part of the older Church are set directly opposite each other in the transept gables.

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