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Gola, Scotstown, Monaghan

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Whatever your reason to visit - a gift voucher, to improve your road driving skills, to drive competitively or to entertain your clients and friends, Rally School Ireland provide a fast moving, adrenaline packed, exciting day!

Our Training

Road Safety Ireland Driver Training Centre

What we do...

Rally School Ireland deliver first class driver training that's both educational and memorable with a huge emphasis on the "in car" training experience.

Our training is geared towards:

Business & Fleet Drivers

Teen Drivers (13 years +) those just starting and those already on the road

It has long been known, that lapses in driver concentration lead to potential situations going unnoticed by the driver and ultimately to a collision.

We look at the most common causes of accidents and train you to:

Avoid becoming involved in an potentially dangerous situation

Take corrective action should an undesirable situation arise

What's covered...

Advanced driving skills

Hazard Perception

Advanced car control

Safety features & their use

Why us...

National Coaching Centre

Safe & controlled environment

Qualified instructors

Real life situations

Master your own vehicle

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Opening hours

Open year round. Call us for more details or to book a session

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Longitude: -7.0910311