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Kilkenny College, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny


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Only a few minutes drove from the city centre, Kilkenny is a great place to enjoy your laser tag party with an urban and woodland setting

Painless Paintball 

All of the fun, none of the bruises!

You go to paintball games when you want to have a good round of gun combat fun. Whether you get your fun or not, you do get your distinguished medals before you leave the battlefield – BRUISES!

If only there was a way to enjoy a good, exciting gunfight without hurting yourself. The perfect way to do that is Laser Combat aka Laser Tag.

The laser technology in Laser Combat ‘takes care’ of your enemies as well as yourself!

So now you don’t have to think twice before jumping in guns blazing into the heat of a battle and save the day!

Laser Combat beats Paintball in a number of ways.

Painless. Paintball is painful when hit and you risk injuries.

Safer. The harmless infrared light removes any bruising and painful concerns, making Laser Combat a thousand times safer than paintball.

No mess. Paintball’s paint creates a big mess.

More people. Younger kids, older adults and even ladies who were afraid to try paintball can play Laser Combat as its pain free and safe.

More comfortable. No protective gear or fogged up masks, so playing is more comfortable than paintball.

Playable anywhere. Unlike paintball, where its paintballs require safety netting, a Laser Tag game can be set up more freely, even at your home!

Economical. In paintball you have to buy ammo at about €10 per recharge. In Laser Combat, no physical ammo means no extra cash spent.

All in all, Laser Combat is pretty painless, economical fun. Paintball’s painful playing often makes you resent indulging in your passion for gun sport. As such, Laser Tag will give you that fulfilled feeling, whether your team loses or wins the game.

Compared to paintball, the laser technology of Laser Combat Ireland takes it to a whole new level of gun fun!

 Laser Tag lets you live your fantasy of being a hero in a gun fight. With cool realistic guns and natural environments, feel the pressure and excitement of an adrenaline pumping gun fight without the pain and mess of paintball.  Laser Combat provides an ideal entertainment for your stag or hen party and we’ll make sure that you have a great time.

Only 5 mins drive from city centre,Private parking, Changing rooms, First Aid trained marshals

Woodland and urban setting


The Guns -

  • It looks and feels just like a real gun
  • It has a laser aiming device so you can pinpoint your target
  • Makes the same sounds as a real gun, so you can’t hide from the enemy
  • It has to be reloadedthis takes about 4 seconds, just like changing a magazine on a real gun
  • It is accurate up to 400 metres

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