Grangeclare Paddocks & Buck Mooneys Wild West Hen Party Experience

Bog Road, Oristown, Kells, Meath

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Welcome to Grangeclare Paddocks, Oristown, Co. Meath, home of Buck Mooney’s Wild West Hen Parties! 

Here at Grangeclare Paddocks we provide a wonderful venue & activities for both Corporate and Entertainment purposes ranging from:

- a riding school complete with mile long gallop

- forest hacks

- show jumping poles

- Wild West events

- School Tours

……….and much more!

We also provide a range of accommodation options for visitors wishing to stay with us overnight.Feel free to look through the site and and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Buck Mooney's Wild West Hen Party Experience

The Buck Mooney Wild West Hen Party Experience is probably the most fun you will have with your clothes on!

You will arrive at the Ranch and be show to your comfortable accommodation.

Then a light Lunch with Champagne!

Afterwards, get kitted in your Wild West outfit (costumes provided) and plunge headlong into an afternoon of Wild West fun!  Activities include:

A wagon ride into an ancient Irish landscape

Line dancing

Pillow fights

Coal miner’s maze

Wild West Show

Dinner at 7:00 p.m.


Transport & admission to the nightclub

Hearty Irish Breakfast the morning after

Total package cost – €149.00 p.p.

Minimum group size 15.

Any group above 20 – the Hen goes free!

Availability is strictly limited so book now! Contact Peter on 087 120 2777087 120 2777 or email:

Grangeclare Paddocks Corporate Package

Grangeclare Paddocks is in the Royal County of Meath and is only 45 minutes from Dublin. It is the only venue in Ireland with a working trainer’s yard, a fully equipped equine centre, a mile long gallops and exotic crops that offers your team a unique range of experiences. Educational, exciting and enjoyable, Grangeclare is a farm that can broaden and build your teams relationships and skills.

 This working trainer’s yard is the perfect place for your team to learn together and build relationships. After a guided tour of the working trainer’s yard and fully equipped equine centre, they can partake in a range of educational team building experiences:

The Basics:

Qualified teachers will show them the reins of basic horse husbandry with a horse anatomy, tac and care lesson. Following the lesson the different teams will prepare a stable and horse for show; cleaning the box, brushing, plaiting and saddling the horse. The onsite expert will award points to the winning team.


Horse riding facilities are available for different ability levels in the fully equipped equine centre.

Forge a Horse Shoe:

The yard’s blacksmith will quickly demonstrate the skills needed to forge a horse shoe. Contestants will then be given 3 minutes to shape the best shoe. The smithy will then declare a winner and points will be awarded to the winning team.

The Shoe Toss:

Each team is given a pail of horse shoes of different sizes. The aim of the game is to get as many shoes around the steel peg as possible.

A trip to The Bog:

Grangeclare stables hosts one of the few working bogs in Ireland. With Map and compass in hand, teams are tasked with finding their tutor on the bog with only each other for help. On arriving at the meeting point, the team will learn the rich history behind the area, facts about countries bog lands and what lies within them. They will also be shown the ancient art of footing turf. Each team will go head-to-head footing turf and the winning team will gain points to be added into the cumulative scores of the day.

Puc Fada:

Who is your company’s biggest hitter? Take a hurl and a sliothar and find out in a test of strength and agility as old as Cuchulain.


Learn the art of archery and hit the target with the help of our trained staff.

The Show Down:

Do your team work as a team? Would they survive when the stakes are high? Two teams ‘fight for survival’ in a western style recreation. Two teams – the cowboys and the Indians – don the appropriate hats, climb aboard the Grange Clare Wagon and are brought to the secluded woods. Grange Clare scouts lead the teams in a goal driven game involving orientation skills, tactics and a western skill shoot out!

Create a scarecrow:

Grange Clare Paddocks has many crops, among them sweet corn and the largest sunflower crop in the country. Scarecrows protect these crops. Each team will get creative and make a scarecrow but there can only be one winner! Each player is also invited to pick some sweet corn to take home.

Problem Solving in the Maze:

The Grange Clare maze is a fun and boisterous activity for those wishing the shake off the stresses of the office in an active and challenging way. Teams of two are sent into the darkened maze in Grangeclare barns to collect the totems within and get out of the maze in the fastest time possible. Not for the weak of heart or spirit – this is a physically and mentally challenging task.

The Long Mile:

Bring the teams together at the end of the program and count up the scores that each team has been awarded over the different activities. Each team will then appoint a rider to take part in the final activity which will award the winning team 100 points. The appointed representative will ride in a race on the scenic 1 mile gallops as their team-mates cheer them on. As the race finishes, so does the day and the winning team is announced.

Ride the Rickshaws:

A variety of fun team building games and exercises all based around the customised and very popular Grangeclare rickshaws.

Catering Options:

Give your team a break and relax in the canteen style restaurant with home-cooked Irish fare, or keep up the tempo and allow your team the opportunity to prepare pizzas to be cooked on traditional Irish Griddles on open turf fires. Menus available on request.

Contact us to create a customised package of events.

Our team can also advise you on accommodation, entertainment and hospitality options – just ask!  Contact us now! - check out

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