St Michael's Hill Christ Church, Dublin 8


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Dublinia, located at the crossroads of the medieval city at Christchurch, is history brought to life in an exciting way for all to engage, learn and share.

There are three exciting exhibitions at Dublinia.

In our Viking Dublin exhibition, take a trip back to Viking times.  What was life really like onboard a Viking warship? See their weaponry and the skills of being a Viking warrior. Try on Viking clothes, become a slave and stroll down a noisy street.  Visit a smokey and cramped Viking house.  Learn of the myths and the mysteries surrounding the Vikings and their legacy.  Also, new to Dublinia, find out what really happened during the Battle for Clontarf and the eventual decline of Viking power in Dublin.


Visit the Medieval Dublin exhibition and witness the sights, sounds and smells of this busy city.  Learn about crime and punishment, death and disease and even toothache remedies of 700 years ago.  Enjoy the spicy aromas and so much more in the medieval fair – learn to play medieval games, visit a rich merchant’s kitchen and walk along a bustling medieval street.

See how archaeologists dig deep to uncover Dublin’s past in our History Hunters exhibition.   How does archaeology works with history and other sciences to piece together the jigsaws of our ancestors’ lives.  See Viking and Medieval artefacts including a medieval skeleton (courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland).  Visit the lab and learn how bugs and dirt can be the history hunter’s gold.  See how the past has influenced who we are today.  Finally, see how we are influenced by the Viking and Medieval era in today’s books, movies, fashion and architecture

The newly renovated St Michael’s Tower, an original medieval tower, is a 96 step climb to the top, where you can see spectacular views of the city.  Learn all about the history of the tower and the surrounding parish in our new exhibition at the Tower base.

At Dublinia, see Dublin from a new perspective and come away knowing more about its citizens throughout the ages!


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Buy your ticket on the day of your visit, or book your ticket online. A discounted combined ticket for Dublinia and Christ Church Cathedral may also be purchased at our welcome desk.

Special discounts and price offers for Dublinia are available from Dublin Pass, a sightseeing package which grants visitors free entry to 33 top attractions, museums and monuments in Dublin. The Hop on Hop off bus tours which gives you €1 off your ticket, and also the Heritage Island membership card where you can receive discounts at various attractions throughout the country. Please contact us on +353 1 6794611 or email info@dublinia.ie for more information for Dublinia Prices & Tickets*.

  • Adult: €9.50
  • Student/Senior: €8.50
  • Child: €6.00
  • Family: €25.00 (2 Adults / 2 Children)


  • Dublinia is open daily, Monday to Sunday.
  • 10.00am to 6.30pm (Last entry 5.30pm) March to September.
  • 10.00am to 5.30pm (Last entry 4.30pm) October to February.
  • Recommended length of visit is 90 minutes.
  • Dublinia closes on the 24th/25th and 26th of December only.

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Opening hours

Daily, Monday to Sunday.

  • 10am - 6.30pm (Last entry 5.30pm) Mar to Sept
  • 10am - 5.30pm (Last entry 4.30pm) Oct  to Feb
  • Dublinia closes on the 24th/25th and 26th of December only

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