Chocolate Warehouse

Mulcahy Keane Ind, Est, Greenhills Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12


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A Chocolate Wonderland Where Memories Are Made For Life.
The Chocolate Warehouse is a real chocolate wonderland and was set up with one key objective: giving children (and adults) wonderful memories that stay with them for life. 

Santa Visits 2017

A Special Santa Experience!
When you enter The Chocolate Warehouse you will be greeted by Santa's helpers before entering Chocolate avenue viewing fabulous Christmas scenes along the way.

Then you enter Santa’s house at the end of the avenue where you will meet Santa and receive a Christmas gift. After leaving Santa’s house you proceed to the Post Room to post your letter to the North Pole.

In the Cracker Room the children have great fun where they can make their own Christmas cracker to take home. Many of these crackers end up on the Christmas tree. 

Christmas Shop

  • Open From: 4th December to 23rd of December
  • Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5pm
  • Saturday 11am - 5pm
  • Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Visiting the Christmas shop will tantalize even Scrooge himself. The shop is open to the public and will not only put you in the mood for Christmas but gives you the opportunity to purchase all those personalized gifts and last minute stocking fillers e.g. (teachers gifts, corporate gifts or simply all the loved ones in your life) It's full of Christmas gifts, chocolates novelties, chocolate Santa's, chocolate cars, chocolate footballs, hampers, teddies and goodies galore...Ideal for Creches, Montessori, Cubs or group visits.

"For A Great Birthday Party or Family Experience"

Two Fabulous Hours!

The two-hour event which covers a 25-minute film explains in detail the story of chocolate and how the cocoa beans are grown and harvested. The film shows the journey of the cocoa beans from the Aztecs to the factory and the process the cocoa beans go through to get the chocolate that we recognize today. The visitors are given a chocolate demonstration on how chocolates and Easter eggs are made. They are also shown the different machinery needed to make chocolate and the method of how to use a piping bag filled with chocolate. As always the fun part is the "hands on" session. The visitors put on aprons like a true chocolatier and start the business of coating chocolates, adding toppings and hand piping with white chocolate. All participants get to decorate and package the chocolate to take home. At the end of each event we have a short table quiz. This is great fun! The visitors realize they have learned a lot about the history of chocolate and how it is manufactured. Each visitor receives The Chocolate Warehouse Certificate which gives each visitor a sense of achievement and the enthusiasm for future learning.

Who Do We Cater For?

  • The public
  • Tour groups
  • Birthday parties
  • Foreign students
  • Summer projects
  • Club Days out
  • Senior Citizen Groups


You can book in as an individual, family or group. The Chocolate Workshop is not just for children but also for grown ups. It is the age of the heart not the person that counts.


  • €12.50 per visitor. 
  • Family Ticket: 2 adults & 2 children (under 12) €46
  • 2 Adults & 3 children (under 12) €56
  • 2 Adults & 4 children (under 12) €66

This includes all materials supplied, products and gift packing used plus The Chocolate Warehouse Certificate. (Children 6yrs and older). The Chocolate Workshop is fully supervised by Chocolate Warehouse staff.


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