Bridgefield Quads

The Barn, Bridgefield, Castlemartyr, Cork


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Cross Country Driving Safari …  join us in our unique "off road" trek on your own All-Terrain Vehicle. There are plenty of exciting features to negotiate on our 9 mile trek through some of the most raw and beautiful countryside around.

Bridgefield Buggies is The Original quad bike safari. The first All Terrain Vehicle Cross Country Safari in Ireland.

One of the most unique given the particular terrain and location.

Just some of what you can experience at Bridgefield Buggies:

  • Special care and attention is given to family groups.
  • All Weather and Safety Gear is provided.
  • We use better quality vehicles for added fun.
  • Beautiful surroundings including river & woodland.
  • An imposing 17th Century Castle.
  • We cater for sizeable groups.
  • Hen Parties & Stag parties.
  • Corporate groups.
  • Cosy little Clubhouse.


Groups - we find that we are asked to cater for a wide variety of different groups. Here are some of the real life scenarios that get played out down on Bridgefield Farm.

Hen Parties - what a great idea! ... and good ones for Hen parties don't always end up by being such great fun. When the girls get going, look out! Wild,unmitigated, full-on Craic! (really)

Stag Parties - Uh ... What's good for the Gander is good for the Goose. It can be great entertainment just being an observer at these events never mind being involved. We've seen all sorts, but there's no question, the consensus is always a big thumbs up from the lads!

Corporate Groups - Bridgefield Buggies original quad bike safari is unquestionably productive for your business. Especially in situations where groups of people work together in offices.

Every once in a while sending your entire staff off on Cross Country Safari equals rip-roaring good fun for them, equals de-stress, equals greater efficiency and co-operation in the workplace and greater customer satisfaction, equals repeat business, equals greater Profits!

Families - We've had plenty of family groups down here in the past. Have you ever seen the look on the kids faces when you say. "You'll never guess where we're going today kids ...!"

We only take BOOKINGS by phone:

Phone: 021-4667533
International: +353 21 4667533

Mobile: 086-8206869
International:+353 86 8206869

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