Adare Heritage Centre

Main Street, Limerick City, Limerick

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Snuggled in a wooded setting among the rich quiet farmlands of the Golden Vale by the River Maigue, Adare is a model village dating from the time of the Norman Conquest. It has been home to the Earls of Dunraven for over three centuries.

Thatched cottages line its broad street, punctuated with beautiful stone buildings and picturesque ruins. The River Maigue flows under a graceful stone bridge and alongside medieval monasteries which quietly count the passing centuries.

Adare Heritage Centre is located in the heart of the Village. Let us guide you through the history of this unique and beautiful area. We look forward to your company.

Adare Heritage Centre hosts an interactive historical exhibition which traces Adares unique history and operates tours of Adare Village and Desmond Castle, one of the few remaining authentic Norman Castles in Europe.

The Dovecote Restaurant, the Centre's 80 seater Bistro, offers breakfast, lunch and tasty homemade cakes.

With shopping areas and the village Tourist Office on site, Adare Heritage Centre is a must for every visitor.

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